Jesolo Sand 2012, The Republic of Venice

Jesolo Sand 2012, The Republic of Venice

I was happy to get invited by Rich Varano and the Sultans of Sand to participate in the 2012 sand event in Jesolo, north-east of Venice. I apologize to my European friends but I was kind of glad to hear that it was not the European Championship this year.
We decided to make it a family trip, so Chris (my wife) and Hazel our youngest daughter got a chance to travel to Rome, Florence and Venice and also played in the sand at the event. My theme was the plague. I ended up spending a bit too much time on the architecture part of the piece, putting me behind by a day (self created mini drama). I was glad to have Chris working on the mist-fog around the plague victims. I hear they will set up a real fog machine for added drama. I look forward to see that.
It was great for them to spend time with the sculpting crew and helping out wherever they could. Chris got to help Damon Farmer with the back drop paintings, (which I think is a great way to hide the tent, create a story and makes the sculptures stand out)

Here are a couple of pics of my girls at work:




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