Ephemeral Arts Ltd

Ephemeral Arts Ltd. was created in 2006 with the intention of joining experiences and talents to promote the art of sand, ice, and snow.

Its three partners are David Ducharme, Peter Vogelaar, and Carl Schlichting who join forces with their expertise and can access a pool of talent to create small or big scale projects.

About Carl Schlichting

Carl is a master craftsman having worked all over the world with snow, sand and ice. He also specializes in museum technology working on mounts and displays.

About Peter Vogelaar

Beach rake logo by peter vogelaar, green awards beach 2011

Peter has been involved in the world of snow and ice since the mid 90’s. He is the reason why so many of us are now involved in this exciting way of creating sculptures.

The guy with endless energy and the great laugh. Here is a beach rake promo he has been involved in lately.

About David Ducharme

David has been involved in snow,sand and ice since 2003. He has travelled the world making sculptures for events and festivals. He is interested in sculpting figures and animal, trying to catch their essence.
Lobsterman, by David Ducharme, Ephemeral Arts Ltd, Sandland PEI 2007

Sandland 2007-08

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Our company was hired by Tourism Charlottetown to create a large sand sculpting event depicting the life and heritage of Prince Edward Island. We used over 1,000 tonnes of red island sand, as well as another 100 tonnes of grey harbour sand to create 20 scenes. A team of eight sculptors, four labourers, and some fantastic volunteers brought our largest project ever to a successful completion.

Sandland was open to the public from June 30 to Oct. 15. Abe Waterman and his brother, Ben, were there every day doing demos, adding to the sculptures, and doing maintenance after weather events.

Lin Donovan showed up every morning to help with all manner of chores. Weeding, screening sand, sweeping dead leaves off the works and much more.

Over 32,000 visitors came through the gates and our guest book is full of positive comments.

Jack Frost Winter Festival 2005-11

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We were contacted in 2005 by Tourism Charlottetown to see if we could build a snow “kingdom” for them. Our first year was a big learning curve,having to deal with warm weather and a lot more people than we were planning for. Since then, every year has something different to offer, from ice slides to snow and ice castles, playgrounds and sculptures. Kids need to move and we sure give them the chance to do so.