Pumpkin Season

I have been having fun in the past few years sculpting pumpkins. The Winlaw Fall Fair in September was a great opportunity to get my hands on a big pumpkin. Mr.Lewis, a local farmer, grew the 362-lb. pumpkin and told me that with the right genetics and good watering they can grow up to 30 lbs a day, wow….

I have had to move a lot of heavy things over the years and now I really try to save my back as I am feeling it more and more. I used a hydraulic hoist, some slings, some steel pipes as rollers, and plywood to move the pumpkin around.

Big pumpkins in the truck

One of these one turned into thisgoblin pumpkin by David Ducharme
I will now make sure it gets carved before long as I noticed some mold starting on the side it grew on.

I carved a smaller pumpkin for the fair and played around with some Chinese-style vegetable art I had seen in a book.. That was a lot of fun.

lady pumpkin by David Ducharme
My pumpkin mentor is Ray Villafane, an incredible pumpkin carver and sculptor all around.

David Orcutt’s memorial

I have been given the honour to sculpt a memorial for a dear friend named David Orcutt. He was born in 1923 and moved in the Slocan Valley in the early 70’s. He owned over 150 acres that have sheltered many of us over the years. It took me a while to get a sense of how to commemorate and remember him through an art piece. I decided to choose a stone from his property; it is granite, about 36″ tall by 30″wide. I have in mind a curtain opening the mountain scape, representing his love of puppetry, theatre and connection to the land. I will sandblast the lettering and the sun rays. I have this idea to incorporate a kaleidoscope where the sun sits on the memorial, representing a bit the way David saw the world. It is still in progress- I have to find or make a base and should get the sandblasting done at a master sculptor friend John McKinnon’s in Nelson.
David Orcutt's memorial, by David Ducharme

I was a bit impulsive when I started and wasn’t wearing a dust mask…..bad idea, that gave me a sore throat for a couple of weeks. I will post some more when I place the memorial at his grave.
Here is the memorial finished
David Orcutt's memorial, by David Ducharme

I finally did the kaleidoscope that will fit in the 1 1/2″ hole.. I took appart an old lense and was happy with the results until I noticed that I haven’t scealed the eye hole with clear glass.