The building of an ice firetower

stack fall to the sideice,water and fire The Ephemeral Arts Team, David Ducharme, Peter Vogelaar, Carl Schlichting, Delayne Corbett, Stephane Robert, Abe and Ben Waterman had the chance on their last JackFrost adventures to build an ice firetower. The whole purpose of this undertaking is to burn it down, having the fire and ice dancing together, creating an amazing treat for the eyes. The fire ended up falling on one wall of the tower after 20min or so. We think that next time we would wire the top of the stack down to the 4 bottom corner of the tower to stabilize it.
First layer layed down, level base, blocks are cut at 5"thicksecond level on, water, slush, draw new level line than cut the top.levelingwe still manage without scaffold at this point, leaving on side open to build the fire latercleaning the inside. The wind would do it , or the fire. But we like the instant look.building the fire stack, tipi shaped, wrapped with wire.late finish, stack almost done. the burning, lit with a tiger torch after we opened 4 holes at the bottom for breathing, 2 on each opposite sides.