David was born near Quebec City and moved every couple of years, spending two of them in Africa, until he was 15 when his family settled in Montreal. He says about Africa, “Africa happened at a time in my life where I was establishing my relationship with the world, gave me a sense of acceptance for others, and a feeling of being fortunate for what I have.”

At 19 he was ready to go out in the world and went to work in BC tree planting, which would allow him to travel the world, first to Europe then India. “I didn’t always know what I would be when I grew up…. it unfolded itself with time.” In 1992 he met his wife Christine in Nelson BC, with whom he now has two beautiful daughters. He took courses at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, exploring metal, clay, stone, and jewelry. “I always felt like I was a maker…. I was and still am interested in all kinds of things, as long as I can make it.”

Since 1994 He has done stone masonry and carpentry, attended massage school, and sculpted in all kinds of mediums. In 2003 a neighbour named Peter Vogelaar, who was very involved in the world of snow and ice sculpting. asked him to go to a national sand sculpting competition in Gatineau, Quebec where they won second place. They followed that summer by winning the World Championship of Sandsculpture in Harrison, B.C. “At that time, I met all kinds of people who opened doors for me to a very exciting world of sculpting and travelling.”

He had the chance to work at the Quebec Ice Hotel for two winters with ice master Miche Lepire. Many commissions in Europe followed for a great company called Inaxi. Inaxi would invite artists from around the world to build sculpting events and, once they were completed, would charge the public a fee for viewing. “I have met such great sculptors who became my teachers. It is constant learning, always a lot of problem-solving.” He can now offer his services to cities, corporations, and individuals who look for something out of the ordinary.