Sculpting Workshops

I have a great kit for teaching the basics of sand,snow and ice sculpting. The tools are all quite different as are the techniques involved.


Sand is a very gentle and fun way to explore 3D sculpting. You can fix or redo something over and over until you are happy with the results. It suits itself very well to group learning.

Sand sculpting workshop in NakuspSand sculpting workshop at the Winlaw Unity Festival

Sand-sculpting workshop at the Whole School in Winlaw, BC

Snow and Ice

Ice is strong but brittle. Its beauty lies in how it plays with light. In a workshop, we will explore how to work with these qualities.

Snow and ice involve a totally different set of tools that I make with my sculpting partners. Ice involve very sharp tools and sometimes chain saws and power tools. Snow is softer and the tools of choice are a rasp,an old hand saw and some chisels.

Luc Vreys working on his scorpion piece

Rabia Gonzales working on her fish, Winlaw BC